HoRR & WEHoRR 2018

Women's VIII

Left to Right:

Sonja Blaseio, Marissa Cove, Mollie McIlwaine, Annie Hollis, Calum Young (cox), Tilda Harju, Catriona Scott, Katie Scott, Rebecca-Taylor Barnes

HoRR & WEHoRR 2018

Our squads have just returned from one of the club's most successful Tideway's for both squads. Our Men's 1st and 2nd VIII finished 96th and 269th respectively. As well as this our first womens eight in 4 years blew us away by halving their starting position by finishing 159th overall and 5th in the Novice Academic Category. A truly great and successful weekend for all crews and coxes involved, onwards and up!

Mens 1st VIII

Left to right:

Lewis Semple, Christopher Parsonage, Euan Strachan, Christopher Cochrane, Kat Buick (cox), Calum Young, Ronan Welch, Jordan Hamlett, Ben McKinlay


Men's 2nd VIII

Left to Right:

Andrew Laird, Daniel Morris, Mitchell Trotter, Brian Ang, Sally-Anne Snowdon (cox), Callum Pender, Robbie Milne, Matej Pinkos, Nicholas Kirsch



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