BUCS 2018

BUCS 2018

February brought around our annual trip down to Newcastle for BUCS Head, a chance for us to compete with the best, and compete we certainly did! The first BUCS Head in a while that SUBC have had all 4 squads represented!




Men Int 8+: 18th


Men's Champ 4-: 7th


Men's Int 4+: 25th


Men's Beginner 8+: 16th


Men's Beginner 4+: 6th


Women's Int 8+: 27th


Women's Nov 4+: 26th



Women's Int VIII

Mens Int 4+

Men's Beginner 8+

Mens Champ 4-



Sports Union, Level 7, 90 John St, Glasgow, SCOTLAND, G1 1JH

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